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 The project “SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PROMOTION OF THE VULNERABLE COMMUNITY OF BRISAS DEL JARDÍN” started in 2012 and has benefited 450 families from the community “Brisas del Jardín”, which is located in the uphill of the city of Medellin-Colombia in a zone that has increasily been occupied by internally displaced people; victims of the humanitarian crisis in Colombia.

The success of the project was tied to the extensive participation of the community of Brisas del Jardin itself. Instead of being simple spectators of their current adverse situations, they have committed to the idea of improving their lives. This was reflected on over 970 individuals from Brisas del Jardin attending the different workshops, meetings, forums, and training programs conducted as part of the project. An added benefit of this is that the community now recognizes and trusts Poder Joven as support for the materialization of their desire to improve.



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Our Mission

Poder Joven Foundation is a social-right and non-profit organization offering a comprehensive social/educative program to children from underprivileged communities in the city of Medellin.