Fundacion poder jovén
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OBJECTIVE 1. Promote a positive change in the problematic lives of children from the communities served by providing a formative environment that warrants their integral development as human beings.

OBJECTIVE 2. Prevent children in the communities served from joining illegal armed groups, becoming street people/beggars, and/or practicing illegal activities such as drug dealing, prostitution, and robbery.

OBJECTIVE 3. Create educative environments that children from the served communities could identify as their best alternative to have dignifying lives.


2. Cooperative responsibility by Poder Joven Foundation’s members and the communities served to the mission and vision of the organization so that a positive change is felt within itself. We believe that “Family, society, and government are mutually responsible for the protection and wellbeing of their communities”

3. LOVE AND CARE as the foundation to transform and build lives.

4. RESPECT each and every individual to its full extent regardless of their beliefs, social condition, level of education, and ideology. Everyone is entitled to a dignifying life and we should provide our best effort to ensure that the children we serve are aware of their dignity, their rights as well as their obligations. We believe that

“We should respect others as much as we respect ourselves”.

5. SPIRITUALITY understood as the way to establish a direct and personal contact with God. Beyond dogmatism, promoting the practice of meditation as the scientific and universal method that allows every human being experience true and ever-lasting happiness- which is the natural result of realizing  his/her own soul and its unity with the Infinite Spirit.

"God is love and bliss and we ought to seek and wish for him while leaving behind feelings of fear or doubt that we might live within".

6. AUTONOMY to think and act as an individual should be part of every child’s life. We promote the sense of freedom in our children as limited by their responsibilities in society. Autonomy is our core value also as an institution in our effort to guarantee our sustainability.

7. SOLIDARITY among human beings for a common wellbeing. Solidarity as a product of social justice because everyone has the right to have a dignifying life. Solidarity implies unity against situations of oppression and misery. Solidarity brings change for a better world.

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