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During December 1995 a Group of College Students from Local Universities in Medellin decided to serve children who are victims of poverty and social deterioration in the city. The initial objective was to assist the street children and help them find a decent place to live. However, they noticed that the best way to contribute to the solution of social problem of street children is prevention. With this mission in mind, Poder Joven was funded in July 1996 as a non-profit organization.

Poder Joven opened its first operative house in 1999 in the neighborhood of Barrio Triste, Medellin-Colombia, with 15 children were enrolled the social preventive program, currently known as Casa Karah.

In 2006, Poder Joven opened a second operative program called Casa Maren in the skirts of Medellin, in a neighborhood called Manrique. These children belong to families of Internally Displaced People (IDP) who have moved from the countryside (because of the armed conflict) to illegal settlements in the city.

To date, Poder Joven’s social program Casa Karah has grown to serve 65 children, while Casa Maren serves 75 children on a daily basis.

Parallel to the expansion of the children programs, Poder Joven conducted a study with a sample of 70 families to determine the level of vulnerability of the community during 2009. The study included also working with community leaders, youth leaders, and children to diagnose the main social issues of the zone.

Based on this diagnosis Poder Joven developed the project "“SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PROMOTION OF THE VULNERABLE COMMUNITY OF BRISAS DEL JARDÍN” to represent the community and claim their rights as citizens of the city of Medellin.

Poder Joven is the result of the effort of young people who have committed themselves to the social development of the underprivileged communities of Medellin.



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