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Poder Joven was founded by people with the spirit of serving the ones in need. The philosophy is that there is not greater happiness than giving the best of each for the ones in need. It is among to most important tasks of the association to continuously motivate people to experience the great joy of being volunteers. We are convinced that even from the distance you can be an ambassador of Poder Joven; you can help by promoting our work, finding sponsors, or just simply creating awareness among people around you. Obviously, we would be delighted to have you here with us!.

If you are interested in participating on the daily activities carried out in our institutions we would be very happy to have you on board!.
¿Who can work as a volunteer in Poder Joven Foundation?
Anybody over 18 who can donate some of his/her time and commitment to help with the social programs of the foundation.

Being a volunteer is a serious compromise that should not be underestimated. We ask your commitment that you would do in regular paid job. Teachers will counting on your to serve the days that you agreed to do so. Do not let our foundation down and let us know in advance if you cannot volunteer or if you need to leave before the planned date.

Prospective volunteers must comply with the philosophy and operation of the foundation. In regards to the latter, we do Yoga and Meditation activities with the children regularly because we want them to exercise their spirituality and establish personal contact with God. Volunteers must participate in these activities when their help is needed. Although they are not required to share these beliefs, volunteers must not show their disagreement to children (if applicable) to prevent confusion and ambiguities in them.
¿What type of support do I get from Poder Joven Foundation as a volunteer?
Poder Joven offers free lunch to volunteers from Monday through Friday during the times that he/she is doing her volunteering work.  Volunteers receive the same food that is offered to the children served by the social programs.

Things that Poder Joven CANNOT offer
•  Lodging
•  Airplane tickets (local or international)
•  Visa paperwork
•  Immigration permits
• Certification of volunteer work prior to completing their assignments (letters can only be given AFTER finishing the volunteer work)
•  Transportation to or/from the airport
•  Transportation within the city
¿What are the requirements to be a volunteer for Poder Joven Foundation?

  For persons living overseas the minimum required period as a volunteer is 1 month.
  For people already residing in Medellin the minimum stay as a volunteer is 6 months: The next period will be from 2 July to 24 December 2019
  Volunteering program operates from Monday through Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
Volunteers should attend at least one day per week in one of the following time periods: MORNING SESSION from 8:30 to 11:30am, AFTERNOON SESSION from 1 pm to 4:30 pm at Casa Maren or 1 pm to 5 pm at Casa Karah. Volunteers are welcome to attend both sessions and as many days of the week as desired.
  Volunteers must be willing to work in any or both of the two operative centers; Casa Karah (located in downtown) and Casa Maren (located in the periphery of the city). The communities face very different challenges and volunteers must be open minded to learn from both experiences.
•  For persons living overseas the minimum required period as a volunteer is one month,and at least one day per week during the morning shift or afternoon shift (or both).
•  For persons living in Medellin the minimum required period as volunteer is three months, and at least one day per week during the morning shift or afternoon shift (or both).
•  If the volunteer requires a certificate at the end of the stay, he/she should keep record of the hours served and regularly ask personnel of Poder Joven to sign it. The certificate will be based on the recorded (and approved) hours. Please notice that unless the volunteer is responsible to complete this format/log no certificate can be warranted.
•  Please plan on the commute time and the cost of transportation (bus or metro) to go to Casa Karah or Casa Maren. We often have seen volunteers quitting because they did not properly anticipate transportation cost and transportation time to meet their volunteering commitment. 
• To become familiar –ahead of time- with the social programs offered by Poder Joven, and the objectives, mission, and context of the social programs. This information is all available in the foundation’s web site:
• Commitment with the volunteering work that the volunteer has promised to deliver
• To follow the recommendations given by the personnel of Poder Joven Foundation
• Volunteers should have a basic understanding of Spanish
• Volunteers are responsible for any damage to infrastructure or supplies owned by Poder Joven Foundation.

¿Steps to become a volunteer for Poder Joven Foundation?

Because of the large number of requests for volunteering work every day, we have to go through a process of evaluation and selection of applicants. As part of this process, we have to work out the logistics to ensure that volunteers can have a meaningful experience with the children served by the foundation. We encourage prospective volunteers to careful read the steps listed in the application process.

• Fill out the personal information form, which will be emailed to those expressing interest to become volunteers. The form can be filled out in Spanish or English. Please contact us at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra los robots de spam, necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla  and we will send you the form back.
• Volunteers should submit an application form at least two weeks prior to their desired start date.
• Volunteers should indicate their desired start and end date in the application form as well as the desired time commitment during that period.
• Applications may not be approved if the application form is not properly filled out.
• Applications will be evaluated within three business days after received. 
•  Generally we accept all volunteering applications so long they are complete. Sometimes we have many volunteers starting at the same time but many of them quit because of the reasons mentioned above. Fortunately we are always left with at least few but really committed people.
• You will receive an acceptance letter if your application is approved. The letter would indicate the addresses of Poder Joven’soperative houses and the assigned volunteering time slots.
•  You should print this acceptance letter and bring it to Poder Joven’s operative house the first time you come. This serves as a proof that you completed the selection process to become a volunteer for the foundation.
•  You may not bring friends or family with you just because they also want to volunteer, unless they have gone through the application and selection process.
• Volunteers should notify Poder Joven Foundation about any change in their start or end time at least two weeks in advance. Failure to do so may result in denying future volunteering opportunities.

¿What can I do as a volunteer of Poder Joven Foundation?
Volunteers help to support the work planned by Poder Joven’s educators. Specifically, volunteers could help with reading and writing activities for the children, art workshops, self-esteem workshops, recreational activities, field trips. In addition, volunteers can propose additional activities like teaching children another language or sport.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the cost of food in a restaurant? To give you an idea, a lunch menu in an decent (but not fancy) restaurant costs between COL$9.000 and 12,000. Remember that Poder Joven offers free lunch to volunteers from Monday through Friday during the times that he/she is doing her volunteering work.
2. How about transportation costs? Public buses are COL$2100. Subway METRO system is COL$2.200. The metro system ticket can be used to go to any station within the network. People from Medellin pride themselves, with a good reason, about the high efficiency of this transportation infrastructure. A link with the metro lines and stations can be found in the following link:
3. Where volunteers use to live during their volunteer work?  We recommend to find a hotel in these areas: “Laureles, Estadio, la 70”. Those are close to metro station “Estadio”. For going to casa karah you just need to take metro, for going to casa maren you need metro and bus.
4. Is it safe to visit Medellín? Overall, Medellin is safe for local and foreign tourists. Over the years, we have had more than 350 foreigners volunteering in Poder Joven and nothing has happened to them. As in any other major city in the world, you should exercise common sense and be cautious. For example, you should not be wearing expensive (or expensive looking) jewelry or showing an expensive cell phone when you go to downtown or the slums. New volunteers are giving orientation in regards to their transportation to the operative houses of Poder Joven.  Recommended safe areas to stay are El Poblado, Laureles, and El Estadio, which have metro stations. 
5. Things to do in Medellin? It is a fun city. Too many attractions and activities to list. The following links would give you an idea:
6.  Can Poder Joven help me to get a Colombian Visa prior to my visit? Unfortunately no. Poder Joven  strives to minimize administration costs  so there is no personnel available for this type of paperwork.

We thank you in advance for your generous interest of becoming part of Poder Joven Foundation. We are convinced that this is a life changing experience for your and for the children that we serve.


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