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 The general objective of the project is to promote the political and social participation of a vulnerable community called Brisas del Jardín in Medellin (Colombia). This is to be achieved through the implementation of practical actions allowing the local inhabitants to empower themselves and develop strategies for a sustainable social development. After three years of implementation of the project, we can claim that the local community is more motivated and positive about finding solutions to their situation through cooperative work.

  • A governmental campaign was conducted in the social program Casa Maren in which children developed their proposals, became candidates, and were elected as officers.
  • Twelve workshops were offered; two on universal human rights, one three humans rights for internally displaced populations, and four workshops on means and alternatives to governmental programs.
  • 56 community members have attended the workshops offered.
  • Books on human rights have been distributed to 95 individual; 56 workshop attendants and 38 who approached Poder Joven Foundation looking for personalized help.
  • Serving the immediate needs of 8 urgent cases for people in need of food, psychological and medical assistance.
  • 19 people have received advisory/counseling about their cases of violation of human rights.
  • Acquisition of legal document ID’s for 32 undocumented people in the community.
  • Technical assistance for the creation of Curriculum Vitae/Resumes to 17 members of the community.
  • Remission of 7 people in the community to governmental office for assistance on financial subsidy for head-of-family women, reporting violation of human rights, assistance to internally displaced population.
  • Creation of a database based on employment offerings in the city of Medellin.
  • 9 people were remitted to multiple employers
  • 2 people were employed in local companies through Poder Joven Foundation
  • 21 people were trained on food handling through our liaison with the national vocational school SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje).
  • 13 people were trained on dressmaking/tailoring in the national vocational school SENA, which has connections with the local industry.
  • 20 people are being trained on wood crafting in the national vocational school SENA
  • 25 people are being trained on hand craft and decoration.


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